Youth Ministry & Confirmation

Please contact Rhea Garalde, Youth Minister and Confirmation Coordinator, [email protected], 562-431-0721, Ext. 15

In the Diocese of Orange, Confirmation is a two-year process in which candidates are empowered and encouraged to bring their lives to their faith and their faith to their lives. Candidates are invited to learn, understand, and be challenged by their faith. They are called to develop a personal and vibrant faith life that enables them to lead lives of discipleship, community, and service. We are excited and honored to accompany the candidates and their families on this sacred journey!

Along with the Sacraments of Baptism and Eucharist, Confirmation is a Sacrament of Initiation. This Sacrament emboldens us to be disciples of Christ with the gifts of the Holy Spirit. It challenges us to “confirm” our faith and encourages us to be the best version of ourselves. We are given the opportunity to develop a deeper sense of mission and knowledge as we learn, share, and grow in our faith together.

There are several components to our Confirmation process that make it a well-rounded and life-giving experience for both teens and their families. Successful participation in the Confirmation process at St. Anne includes the following for each year:

  • Weekly Sunday Liturgies
  • Ten Sunday Night Classes
  • A Combination of Four Youth Nights/Adoration Nights
  • Confirmation Retreat
  • Two Service Experiences (One with St. Anne)
  • Choosing a Sponsor & Sponsor Nights
  • Involvement in the St. Anne Community
  • Saint Report (Year 2 Only)
  • Letter to the Bishop (Year 2 Only)

Sunday Liturgies:

Sunday Mass is a very important part of our Catholic identity. At St. Anne’s, the 4:00pm Sunday Liturgy was specifically created with teens in mind. Teens are invited to participate as altar servers, ushers, Eucharistic ministers, lectors, and musicians. These Liturgies foster a true sense of community and fellowship and they are an essential part of the Confirmation process.


There will be 10 class sessions that will take place on Sunday evenings from 5:00 – 7:00pm. We encourage your family to attend St. Anne’s youth Mass from 4:00pm – 5:00pm, with snacks and fellowship to follow. The Confirmation class will then be held from 5:30 – 7:00pm, which will include speakers, activities, and small group discussions.

Youth Nights & Adoration:

In addition to these ten Confirmation classes, each candidate will be expected to attend two youth nights per semester (4 each year). These youth nights will take place on Wednesday nights from 7:00 – 8:30pm. These nights will draw in a smaller group of students from both the Confirmation 1 and Confirmation 2 programs and will provide eye-opening discussions, relatable topics, social time, faith sharing, and community building. A candidate may also choose to attend a youth-geared adoration night that will take place on the first Friday night of every month. However, our greatest hope is that each candidate will attend as many youth nights and adoration nights as possible. These nights will be filled with faith, community, and fun!


The Confirmation 1 retreat is typically a one-day retreat and the Confirmation 2 retreat is a full weekend.


Each candidate will need to complete four service projects during their time in St. Anne’s Confirmation Program. Two projects must be completed with the St. Anne’s community. Youth Ministry sponsored service projects will be held throughout the year.


Each candidate must choose a person whom they deem appropriate to guide and support them in their Confirmation process. This person must be an active and engaged Catholic who lives out their faith in word and action. There will be a sponsor event held twice a year, in which the sponsors are invited to attend the Confirmation class along with their candidate.


The candidate’s parents and family should also be highly active and involved in the Confirmation process. This can be done by participating in service projects and faith formation, as well as attending weekly Mass and special days of prayer and reflection.

Saint Report:

Throughout the preparation process, candidates are asked to choose a saint whom they feel is someone they can look up to and emulate. Candidates will be asked to write a saint report during the second year of their Confirmation process.

Letter to the Bishop:

Upon completion of the Confirmation preparation process, candidates are called to write letters to the Bishop of Orange expressing their desire to be confirmed. These letters may contain thoughts about what they learned and how their faith has grown over the two-year preparation process.

We hope to provide your family with a dynamic, well-rounded, and Christ-centered program where we are able to meet you where you are at and lead you to where God is calling you to be!