Prayer Ministry

Prayer Net

Please contact Linda Morrow at (714) 846-4286 or [email protected] for PrayerNet requests.

  • The Prayer Net prays for the intentions of parishioners.
  • To make a prayer request, one must fill out a card and drop it into the Prayer Request box located near the side door of the sanctuary. The person we pray for does not need to be Catholic or a member of our parish.
  • This ministry was founded by a group of women from St. Anne Women’s Guild. Currently it is comprised of women volunteers but men are certainly welcomed.
  • Members take turns sending out requests that are then sent out to the members of the PrayerNet group each Monday.
  • The PrayerNet names are not the same as the ones listed in the Bulletin.
  • If a person wants to submit a name in the bulletin, call the Parish Office at (562) 431-0721.


Prayer Shawl

Please contact Mary McGraa (714) 891-8945 or Linda Rahl (562) 431-5487 for more information or to request a prayer shawl.

  • Saint Anne’s Prayer Shawl Ministry is a group of women who knit or crochet prayer shawls for the purpose of giving solace and support.
  • The prayers of the maker of the shawl are woven into the shawl with the intention of providing comfort to the recipient.
  • When the shawls are completed, they are blessed by one of our priests.
  • In addition, as winter approaches, the group makes scarves and hats for the homeless.
  • Anyone may request a shawl for a man, woman or child in need of solace and prayer. The person for whom the shawl is intended need not be a member of this parish or a Catholic.
  • They meet the third Monday of the month at 10 a.m. in the Church Hall.  Participants don’t need to be experienced.