Funeral & Bereavement

Funeral Ministry

  • Please call the Parish Office at 562-431-0721 if you are a parishioner at Saint Anne who has experienced the loss of a family member and wish to arrange a funeral service.
  • We will place you in the supportive hands of one of our Bereavement Ministry team members who will assist you in planning the liturgy, and coordinating the priest, mortuary, and musicians.


The Bereavement Ministry

  • provides assistance to our parish families when they are grieving the death of a loved one.
  • The ministry’s goal is to ease their burden by providing services and materials to help  them in practical, as well as spiritual matters.
  • The Bereavement Committee is responsible for the implementation of a reverent, respectful, smoothly run funeral service while being sensitive to the needs of the bereaved family. They serve as the contact for the family, the mortuary, the priests, musicians, and parish staff.